Hi there! I’m Colleen the person behind Harmony Hypnobirthing…

If you’re thinking of booking a class with me, but want to know more about me first then you have come to the right place. Back in 2015 when I was pregnant with my first baby I was excited but also scared, unprepared and clueless! Which is something a lot of my clients can relate to. Luckily I came across hypnobirthing and it completely changed my pregnancy, and subsequently my birth. Learning hypnobirthing, along with my weekly yoga practice, allowed me to be in tune with my changing body and to really understand how I could birth my baby is a calm and magical way. I ended up with my waters going in my yoga class (maybe I was too relaxed!) followed by a three hour labour and a totally natural water birth at Darent Valley hospital. I became so obsessed with this transformation that a few months after giving birth I completed my hypnobirthing teacher training and Harmony Hypnobirthing was born. I’ve since then added more qualifications to my birth business, read and learnt lots and worked with countless families as they prepare for their birth.


December 2015

My first baby, Sydney, was born at Darent Valley hospital. You can read more about his birth here.

November 2016

Diploma in Hypnobirthing, teacher training provided by Katharine Graves.

May 2018

My second baby, Robyn, was born at home after a 40 minute labour. You can read more about her birth here.

March 2020

Certificate in LGBT+ in Birth and Beyond

June 2020

Certificate in postnatal planning from Younique Postnatal

December 2020

85 hrs pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher training

January 2022

Advanced postnatal yoga teacher training

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