Birth affirmations for a caesarean birth

Hypnobirthing is not just for natural births, and can really help with a caesarean birth! Hypnobirthing is for all types of births. The benefits for a more complicated pregnancy are:

  • The relaxation techniques will help keep you and your baby calm and happy during pregnancy
  • On a course you will learn your birth options, to make informed decisions and to make your experience really positive
  • You will learn how to question things to make sure this route is definitely right for you and your baby
  • The relaxation techniques can be fully adapted to any situation and birth
  • You could go into labour before your induction or caesarean date, and the comfort measures you have learnt will be needed
  • Going into a medicalised birth can be daunting, whilst you are waiting for the procedure the relaxation techniques will help to keep you calm
  • Practicing hypnobirthing during pregnancy is a great way to bond with your baby

How do birth affirmations work?

Birth affirmations are a key tool to use with hypnobirthing. They work on the premise that the more you are exposed to an idea, the more you will start to believe it, and the more impact it will have on your experience. Think about a child who has constantly been told they are naughty. After a while they will start to believe it, they will start to act that way, until they become that belief.

Now imagine, you have spent your whole life hearing ‘birth is awful’, ‘birth is scary’, ‘birth is painful’. It’s probably not that hard to imagine, as this is how most of us hear birth being described! Birth affirmations work on these thoughts and fears. They fill you with positive thoughts instead, until you start to believe it.

Caesarean birth affirmations

In my experience, most birth affirmations are quite specific to a natural birth. This is why I have developed a set of birth affirmations specifically for caesarean birth. They are free to download, print out and use as you wish for a positive birth. If you use them for your birth please let me know, I’d love to see any photos of your birth preparation.

Want to know more about preparing for a positive caesarean birth?

My full hypnobirthing course covers all types of birth, including caesarean birth. You will learn how to prepare for birth and make it positive, as well as meeting other parents to be. You can find out more about my full hypnobirthing course here
Alternatively I also offer a short course specifically for caesarean births, which is run as a private session and can be booked at a time and date convenient to you. To find out more about this option, click here.

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