So you’re booked in for an elective caesarean, and now wondering what your birth options are, or if you even have any options. After all, doctors know best, right? Well, yes and no. They might know best on how to deliver your baby safely. But they might not know best how to make your birth the right birth for you. Only you (and your birth partner) know that.

I’m often asked if hypnobirthing can be relevant to a more medicalised birth. The answer yes! Sometimes hypnobirthing is even more relevant for a c-section. Having an elective caesarean can be very daunting, especially if you have never been through one before, or if you have previously had a traumatic birth.

All of the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques can be applied to potentially stressful situations during your pregnancy and birth. On the caesarean hypnobirthing course you will learn what actually happens before, during and after a c-section birth, as well as recovery tips, and how to make your birth feel more personal and less medicalised. You will also learn breathing techniques and pain management for labour – just in case you go into labour before your planned ceasarean date!

What does the caesarean hypnobirthing class cover?

The caesarean hypnobirthing class is only available as a private booking on request. The class is approximately three hours long, and held at a time and date convenient to you and your birth partner. On this class we will cover:

What is hypnobirthing, the cycle of fear, pain and tension and how to break it, the power of words on our subconscious mind, breathing techniques to stay calm and focused, ways to relax in labour (in case you go into labour before your date), good pelvic floor health, how a birth partner can support you throughout birth, how to prepare for birth and what will happen on the day, what to pack in your hospital bag, the golden hour after birth, recovery tips.

What does the caesarean hypnobirthing class include?

Each couple will receive a welcome pack which contains hypnobirthing mp3s (Including one to use throughout your birth that has been developed for caesarean births), class notes and a birth prep goody bag. You will receive dedicated guidance, and I will be contactable throughout your pregnancy keeping you on track until you are holding your baby.

  • Classes cost £150 per couple and will take approximately 3 hours.
  • The course is normally taken as one session, but can be split in two.
  • Discounts available if you have a pregnant friend to study with.
Caesarean hypnobirthing classes to be held at your home if you are local to Kent / South East London, or available on zoom if you are further away.

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