In person group hypnobirthing classes in Dartford, Kent

The group hypnobirthing course is ideal for those who want to meet other parents to be, in an intimate and relaxed environment. Groups are kept to a maximum of six couples. The perfect size to allow us to go in depth with the course materials, whilst still enabling you to meet other parents-to-be.

  • Classes cost £230 per couple.
  • Held in Dartford, Kent. (46 Spital Street, DA1 2DT)
  • Held over two days, from 10am – 4pm.

What does the group hypnobirthing course cover?

The group hypnobirthing class is ten hours, spread over two days. Each session has a lunch break, however lunch is not included. You are welcome to bring a packed lunch, or I can refer some local places for food.

Day one – This day is all about relaxation! Why it is so important for birth, how it can help your birth be more comfortable and potentially faster with lots of practical techniques and time to practice the techniques. Some of the topics covered include:

what is hypnobirthing, the cycle of fear, pain and tension and how to break it, the power of words on our subconscious mind, how your mindset can affect your birth, the muscles of the uterus and how they work, the different stages of labour and the breathing techniques used for each stage, ways to relax in labour, good pelvic floor health, perineum massage, how to prevent tearing in labour, different birth positions.

Day two – this day covers all the practical stuff you need for a smooth birth. It’s the antenatal side of things so that you can feel fully prepared for birth, no matter how it goes. Topics covered include:

reasons for being induced, different types of inductions, how to start labour naturally, how a birth partner can support you in labour, how to use hypnobirthing for a cesarean birth, how to choose where to give birth, how to prepare for birth and what will happen on the day, the benefits and risks of a water birth, your pain relief options, birthing the placenta, the golden hour after birth.

The group hypnobirthing course is informal and interactive, with plenty of time to ask any questions you might have. Each session includes a relaxation exercise, and a short, positive hypnobirthing birth video. We’ll go over everything you need to write an in depth birth plan and you’ll finish the course feeling totally ready to rock your birth!

What does the group hypnobirthing class include?

You will receive a welcome pack which contains hypnobirthing MP3s, class notes, birth plan template, positive birth affirmation cards and a birth prep goody bag. You will receive dedicated guidance, and I will be contactable throughout your pregnancy keeping you on track until you are holding your baby. So if your pregnancy or situation changes, or if you need some extra support, I’m there for you.

When is the next group hypnobirthing class?

The next group hypnobirthing classes are (September online course will run over four Thursday evenings, 7-9pm and will be a maximum of ten couples):

What do previous clients say about the hypnobirthing course…

Hayley Trezel Fuller
Colleen is brilliant! I joined her virtual yoga class towards the end of the 2021 lockdown and then joined her in person class as soon as it started. I loved her yoga classes and often fell into sleep during her relaxation at the end of class. Colleen often brought her hypnobirthing experience into the yoga room (which I greatly appreciated) and I enjoyed the few minutes at the start of class where we talked about all things pregnancy & birth. it was at one of these early talks that my journey towards a home birth began. And serendipitously at the start of my last class Colleen spoke about different positions baby can get into (inc breech) and best positions to labour. Exactly a week later I went into a spontaneous labour at home and gave birth to my baby boy Tobias who was breech (he turned during labour)!. I’m looking forward to joining Colleen’s bump & buggy sessions and am so grateful to her for helping me to gain the confidence to trust my own body and instincts x
Carly McCulloch
My first pregnancy was not what I expected it would it be. I went into my second trimester during the first national lockdown and I was concerned with all the changes that my brith was not something I could look forward to anymore. My husband and I did Colleen’s hypnobirthing class online and it completely changed my perspective on the birth I could hope for. It empowered me to understand my choices as a woman and a mother to be, as well as showing me the various resources available to me so that I could be confident and in a state of calm when going into labour and throughout the birthing process. Colleen shared her knowledge about the physiology of birth, the medical and non medical interventions I could choose from, how to practice breathing exercises that put my body and mind into a state of peace. She also took the time to explore the other things that may be useful for me to do in order to feel ready for the experience ahead of me including how to hold my birth preferences lightly. The tracks she made herself were incredible too 😃 I am so grateful we found Colleen and her course. It was a beautiful source of light and comfort during that time. I cannot recommend her hypnobirthing class highly enough.
Elijah Conway
Kerry Conway here. We joined Colleen, prior to giving birth for the third time,for the most amazing online hypnotherapy course. Having experienced 2 very quick births already I was filled with anxious anticipation, would Midwife arrive in time? Would hubby have to deliver baby himself? It was important for us both to feel empowered and trusting in our knowledge this time, especially if the speed of birth would mean no professional assistance was there in time. It refreshed what I knew already, inspired us both with new visualisation practices through her beautiful guided meditations and educated us about so much stuff I had been unaware of. We completed the course feeling more informed about our choices should things go a different way and most importantly we felt like a teamy, the added layer of support was so valuable…my beautiful baby girl arrived safely at home a mere 40 mins after I I woke hubby with slightly stronger than normal back ache. It ended up being just myself and hubby due to speediness and hubby caught her beautifully in phased.Thankyou so much Colleen for your wonderful guidance 🙏🏻
Charlotte Welch
I’ve done both Colleen’s hypnobirthing course and her pregnancy yoga classes and really enjoyed both! The hypnobirthing course was super detailed and personalised, and helped me feel informed and in control even when my birth didn’t go according to plan – she covered inductions in detail so I knew exactly what to expect and what my rights were as a birthing person. I also regularly used the hypnobirthing audio tracks in preparation and they helped me stay calm throughout the process. Pregnancy yoga was so much fun and an opportunity to focus on myself and my baby for an hour. I particularly liked the focus on positions for birth and used this knowledge in labour. It was the perfect level of intensity and I’m almost sad now that I’m not pregnant any more that I can’t carry on! Thank you so much Colleen – I’ve appreciated all you’ve done for me, my partner and my baby.
Lesley Hopperton
Highly recommend Colleen’s pregnancy yoga class. Not only was it great to have an hour to just focus on me (and baby) every week, it also helped with all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy and felt like I’d done some exercise in a relaxing and gentle way. Colleen obviously has great Hypnobirthing knowledge too, which she incorporates in to the classes. This really helped me as it was my third pregnancy and although I’d done a Hypnobirthing course it was 5 years ago. Colleen also gives great hints and tips to help labour progress, which I used. I ended up having a lovely, relaxed home water birth and can 100% say that doing yoga every week helped enormously. Thank you Colleen- can you start post natal yoga now?! 😆
Katie Allgood
Kate Hallybone
Jo Withey
Nikki Pottay
Brilliant course! Very informative, learnt great techniques which are already proving handy. Highly recommend x
Kim Rowe

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