Hypnobirthing Class Gravesend

The group hypnobirthing class Gravesend is ideal for those who want to prepare for birth and meet other local parents to be in a relaxed environment. Groups are kept to a maximum of six couples. The perfect size to allow us to go in depth with the course materials, whilst still enabling you to get to know your class mates.

  • Cost: £230 per family (you and your birth partner).
  • Location: Longfield & New Barn Village hall, Fawkham Road, Longfield, Kent DA3 7QP
  • Dates: Held over two consecutive Sundays, from 10am – 4pm.

Group hypnobirthing class bexley dartford

“I cannot recommend enough to all pregnant women to take part of Colleen’s Hypnobirthing Class. This will give you so much knowledge about what can you expect on the day when it comes. But most importantly this class teaches you all the relaxation methods/breathing techniques you can practice during pregnancy and use during labor. No matter how you plan to deliver your baby Colleen will 100% help you prepare for the big day.

Thanks to Colleen I had the most amazing home water birth.”

– Iren

What does the Harmony Hypnobirthing course cover?

Harmony hypnobirthing course dartford bexley gravesend

Hypnobirthing Course Day One

This day is all about relaxation! We will discuss why relaxation is so important for birth, how it can help your birth be more comfortable and potentially faster with lots of practical techniques and some time in class to practice these new skills. Some of the topics covered include:

What is hypnobirthing
Why do people who are scared of birth find it more painful
How our subconscious thoughts affect birth
Changing your mindset for a positive birth
What is a contraction
How to make contractions more comfortable
The different stages of labour
Breathing techniques
What to do when you go into labour
Looking after your pelvic floor
How to protect the perineum from tearing
Different birth positions for an active birth
What should you do during pregnancy to prepare for a natural birth

Harmony hypnobirthing course darent valley dartford gravesend

Hypnobirthing Course Day Two

This day covers all the practical stuff you need for a smooth birth. It’s the antenatal side of things so that you can feel fully prepared for birth, no matter how it goes. Topics covered include:

What are the rates of induction, c-section and natural births in the local area (Darent Valley, Medway, PRUH)
Reasons for being induced
Different types of inductions
How to induce labour naturally
How a birth partner can support you in labour
What happens during a c-section
How to use hypnobirthing for a cesarean birth
How to choose where to give birth
What is the birth centre like
Preparing for a water birth
Pain relief options available and how to use them
Birthing the placenta
What happens after the birth

FAQs About Harmony Hypnobirthing

The hypnobirthing course includes two days of teaching, as per your booking. You will receive a welcome pack which contains hypnobirthing MP3s, class notes, birth plan template, positive birth affirmation cards and a birth prep goody bag. You will receive dedicated guidance, and I will be contactable throughout your pregnancy keeping you on track until you are holding your baby. So if your pregnancy or situation changes, or if you need some extra support, I’m there for you.

Classes are held at Longfield and New Barn Community Centre. This venue is new, modern and clean. There is plenty of free parking. The hall is accessible with no steps to get in and a disabled toilet. There is a selection of shops a five minute walk away if you wanted to buy lunch on the day.

All hypnobirthing classes are taught by Colleen, your local antenatal educator. Colleen has been teaching hypnobirthing since 2016, as well as pregnancy yoga and mum and baby yoga since 2020. Find out more about your class teacher here

It is recommended that your birth partner attends the hypnobirthing course with you. This is so that they can learn with you and be able to fully support you on the day – we cover practical ideas for this as part of the course. However, all families are different so if you would prefer to attend the course on your own that is also fine. The content can be adapted for solo parents on the course and you will still be made to feel very welcome.

You can book on to the Harmony Hypnobirthing course at any time that suits you. As a general guide it is best to book after your 12 week scan, but finishing the course before 34 weeks just in case your baby arrives early. Some people prefer to book earlier in their pregnancy so that they have lots of time to practice. Other people prefer to book later in their pregnancy so that it is fresh in their mind for birth. It is never too late to book on, as some practice is better than no practice!

When is the next Harmony Hypnobirthing course?

Group hypnobirthing class Gravesend that runs every other month. The course is two days long and will run over two consecutive Sundays. The next group hypnobirthing classes are:


Group Hypnobirthing Class Gravesend Venue

The Harmony Hypnobirthing course is held at Longfield Community hall, located close to Dartford, Gravesend, Swanley, Sevenoaks, Bluewater and Maidstone.

The venue has recently been refurbished so is clean and modern. There is step free access to the room as well as a free car park.

Group hypnobirthing course in Longfield dartford

What do previous clients say about the hypnobirthing class Gravesend…

Lace Nagi
Lace Nagi
Me and my husband found taking this course one of the most helpful things we have done throughout the whole pregnancy and would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is interested in hypnobirthing. It left us informed and excited for our upcoming birth and gave us answers to questions we didn’t know we had. It is a really well rounded course, covering lots of important information, not just on hypnobirthing but a whole host of things surrounding birth. We’re really glad we completed the course and look forward to making our birth experience as positive and empowering as we can!
Carolina Malko
Carolina Malko
So thankful for these yoga classes! Colleen is so calming and knowledgable when teaching. Really impressed by the range of movements that are super useful for my late stage of pregnancy. Always feel so great afterwards. A wonderful chance to meet other mums of all stages. Looking forward for bump & buggy and all future sessions!
Dora Pribelszki
Dora Pribelszki
Great Mum and Baby yoga class in Dartford =)
Laura Kerrigan
Laura Kerrigan
I decided to do the pregnancy yoga classes to safely keep active and stretch out aches and pains during my pregnancy. Colleen was very welcoming and knowledgeable. It was a lovely environment to be in and I always felt better afterwards!
Priya Sonn
Priya Sonn
I Love Colleen's classes! I did pregnancy Yoga from when I was 17 weeks pregnant, pretty much to the end of my pregnancy. Felt so much better and always felt so calm and chilled after the class! It is also a great way to meet new mums that are also expecting the same time as you! i highly recommend.
I loved Colleen's hypnobirthing class. It was very informative and answered a lot of questions I had. I know I can use the techniques no matter what delivery I will have, it puts my mind at ease before very important event ahead of me. Thank you Colleen.
Anne & Joe
Anne & Joe
I did a private 1-2-1 course after feeling a little unsure if I had apprehension having already had a child. I loved her approach, got lots of techniques whilst keeping an open mind to it all. Feeling calm and ready to go again.
Jane Farr
Jane Farr
I had my first mum and baby class with Colleen when my little girl was nearly 3 months old, and after my C-section I was still a bit cautious about exercise. I was also worried how my baby would settle, she hated being put down at the best of times! I had no reason to worry, Colleen's classes are baby led, in a totally relaxed, no pressure environment. The yoga itself was pitched at a great level, with Colleen demonstrating different poses which suitable a range of capabilities for those who wanted more or less of a workout. I loved the singing/rhyming and bubbles in the "baby yoga" portion of the class too. It felt really good to feel like I was investing a bit of time in myself again but also participating in something enriching for my baby. Thank you so much Colleen for helping me mentally and physically in my post partum period. Jane Farr
Harriet Dixon
Harriet Dixon
I attended Colleen's pregnancy yoga classes and absolutely loved going each week. It eased all of my aches and pains and gave me something to look forward to each week. Colleen was always full of knowledge and advice, and made me feel relaxed about heading towards labour. I had intended to attend the mum and baby yoga classes but sadly couldn't. Really recommend Colleen and her classes.
L Berridge
L Berridge
I attended Colleen’s mum and baby yoga classes. They were just what I needed to get out with my baby for a fun activity, light exercise and to meet other local mums.

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