Private hypnobirthing classes are perfect for those who want to learn one on one, or can’t make the group classes. Held in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you. Ideal for couples who work shift patterns or who have older children to care for. You will receive one to one, personal guidance throughout your pregnancy journey.

  • Classes cost £350 per couple and will take approximately 10 hours.
  • The course is normally spread over four evenings, or two weekends.
  • £50 discount available if you have a pregnant friend to study with.

What does the private hypnobirthing course cover?

The private hypnobirthing class is approximately ten hours long. If you are local to me, you can take the course in two sessions of five hours, or four sessions of 2.5 hours. If you are a 30 minute drive or more, I request that you take the course as two five hour sessions.

session one – what is hypnobirthing, the cycle of fear, pain and tension and how to break it, the power of words on our subconscious mind, the muscles of the uterus and how they work.

session two – the different stages of labour and the breathing techniques used for each stage, ways to relax in labour, good pelvic floor health, perineum massage, how to prevent tearing in labour, different birth positions.

session three – reasons for being induced, different types of inductions, how to start labour naturally, how a birth partner can support you in labour, how to use hypnobirthing for a cesarean birth.

session four – how to choose where to give birth, how to prepare for birth and what will happen on the day, the benefits and risks of a water birth, your pain relief options, birthing the placenta, the golden hour after birth.

The private hypnobirthing course is informal and interactive, with plenty of time to ask any questions you might have. Each session includes a relaxation exercise, and a short, positive hypnobirthing birth video.

What does the private hypnobirthing class include?

Each couple will receive a welcome pack which contains the Katharine Graves hypnobirthing book, hypnobirthing mp3s, class notes and a birth prep goody bag. You will receive dedicated guidance, and I will be contactable throughout your pregnancy keeping you on track until you are holding your baby.

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