Hypnobirthing with a planned caesarean birth

Most people come to my classes because they want a birth that is as natural as possible. Although hypnobirthing makes a natural birth much more likely, it can not be guaranteed. One of the most important parts of my job as a hypnobirthing instructor is to prepare my couples for all types of birth, and to allow them to have a birth that is as positive as possible.

Jo and Pete booked me for a hypnobirthing course with two other couples that they were friends with. Over 25% of births in the UK are by caesarean. I mentioned this in our class, and that statistically it could quite likely happen to one of the three couples, so it is best to be prepared. Jo did end up having a planned caesarean birth, but with her hypnobirthing techniques, and a supportive birth partner, she still had a calm and positive experience.

Jo’s planned caesarean birth

A friend introduced me to the concept of hypnobirthing and I was a little sceptical at first. However, after meeting Colleen and taking the course I felt so much more empowered and relaxed about the idea of labour. I was actually quite looking forward to it. We practiced the scripts and visualisations and even had some positive affirmations written in different places around the house.

I had hoped for an intervention free, natural birth however things didn’t quite go to plan. After being told that the baby was normal size, head down and partially engaged a subsequent scan showed him to be in breech position with little fluid around him and he had also stopped growing. To be told this at 37 weeks was quite a shock and the hospital immediately said to have a c-section within the next few days. This was my worst nightmare and I was so upset. However, my husband stayed calm and remembered Colleen’s advice; to question why they thought that was the best plan of action and to ask what other options were available. Unfortunately they weren’t willing to try turning the baby. This was due to the lack of fluid and advised against a natural labour due to his position and small size.

At this point I turned to Colleen who was on hand with some great advice. She gave me lots of information about c-sections, and how to try to turn baby. Colleen reminded me that I could still use the hypnobirthing techniques even with a c-section and I could still have a positive birth experience.

Despite our best efforts we weren’t able to turn baby and had a c-section 3 days later. However, Colleen was right, we still had a wonderful birth experience. We used the hypnobirthing visualisations and relaxing music to create a calm environment in theatre. Due to the baby’s head being wedged under my ribs it took longer than expected to get him out. However, we stayed calm and relaxed throughout.

I want to thank Colleen for all of her help and advice throughout the course and after. She went above and beyond to help us make an informed decision about what was right for us and our baby .Hypnobirthing really did give us the calm relaxed birth we wanted – despite it not being the intervention free water birth we had initially hoped for. Our little boy is very calm, happy and relaxed. I’m sure it’s down to being calm during the pregnancy and birth. I would definitely recommend Colleen to anyone thinking about hypnobirthing. Thanks again for everything, Jo & Pete

Are you having a planned caesarean birth?

Hypnobirthing is for all types of birth! If you are planning a caesarean birth for medical reasons, previous birth trauma or any other reason my hypnobirthing course can help to make it as calm and positive as possible. You can find out more about my classes here. Plus, if you have a pregnant friend to study with, like Jo did, I offer a £50 discount on private sessions for each of you!