An early induction due to small baby

Jessica attended my weekly pregnancy yoga classes in Dartford throughout her pregnancy. Her pregnancy was stressful due to baby measuring small, and we had a few conversations about this in and outside of class. Jessica decided that an induction was the best option for her and her baby which was a positive experience and used some of the techniques learnt during pregnancy yoga. Jessica writes:

As you know I had quite a stressful pregnancy, and at times was feeling very anxious due to baby measuring smaller and below the 10th percentile. Being checked over every two weeks was becoming draining. However, attending your pregnancy yoga classes was wonderful and really helped me to have a successful and positive birth (one that I had been hoping for but always doubting it would happen). 
I went into hospital on Saturday 30th July at 12.30pm to be induced (planned induction at 37 weeks due to baby measuring small). After baby being monitored on CTG for an hour they examined me and as you would think my cervix was closed and posterior and I had a bishops score of 2. They proceeded to induce me at 4.30pm using the Propess Pessary, it wasn’t very pleasant and was uncomfortable but manageable. At this time I took your advice and listened to calming music. 
Midwives returned every six hours to monitor baby and after 24 hours they re-examined me. At this point I had only dilated 1.5cm, therefore they gave me the gel that lasts 6 hours to see if that would move things on for me. I had the gel at 11pm Sunday 31st July. At this point I felt very disheartened and knew it was going to be a long few days possibly even a week! My husband was so supportive throughout and stayed with me from 9am-11.30pm. We were doing laps around the car park to get baby moving and to try and stimulate things  before he went home to get some sleep. We knew we both needed to get as much rest as possible, and sometimes it is hard on such a busy ward. 
The next morning (Monday 1st August) at 5am I was put back on the CTG to monitor baby and then to be re-examined. At this point I did ask for the gas and air as it was becoming very uncomfortable being examined. The findings was my cervix was now 2cm dilated but not enough to break my waters, I was disappointed and felt really sad at this point. But I could not predict what would happen next, baby was being monitored (again)! But this time the heart rate had dropped slightly which caused me to become very distressed. A doctor was called and I was swiftly moved to the delivery suite. All I kept thinking was I’m going to end up having a C-section and that wasn’t my plan but knew I would have to be guided medically by the Doctors and Midwives. 
At 7.30am I was taken round to the delivery suite to be monitored and baby was strapped back on to the CTG, at this point I was getting contractions that were coming every 5 minutes. I opted for gas and air, my husband went down to the shops at 9am to get something to eat but by 9.15am I was ringing him asking him to hurry back as I needed him. My contractions were getting closer and I continued on the gas and air as pain relief. My second birthing partner was my mum, who was phoned to come in as I was beginning to show signs of being in active labour. At 9.30am I was examined by a Dr who told me that my cervix was dilated to 3cm so she could break my waters if I wanted.
From 9.30am contractions were becoming very regular, I was using breathing techniques (golden thread) that I picked up from your class to channel all the positive thoughts to my baby. From there it all progressed very quickly, I had a canular put it for an epidural(which wasn’t on my initial birth plan but at this point I wanted something to help ease the contractions). However as they were putting the canular in I said I needed to push and was proceeding to push, they did not have time to get any drip or extra pain relief to me. 
I was still on the gas and air at this point, however at 11am the midwife said I had a better technique with my breathing without the gas and air and advised me to take a deep breath and push channelling my breathing down. My husband was massaging the top of my jaw and rubbing my back. I delivered our gorgeous boy at 12.07 (just after midday on Monday 1st August 2022 weighing 4lb 13oz) pretty much naturally without any pain relief. 
It goes to show that you should trust your body and channel positive thoughts as it’s amazing what your body can do. I’m now in recovery but both baby and I are happy and healthy. I hope my birth story brings reassurance to others out there. 
Thank you Colleen for all your support along the way! 

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