Online hypnobirthing class

online hypnobirthing course

Due to the corona virus all of my classes will now be held online via the app zoom. The class content will remain exactly the same, and the class is still live and interactive. Meaning you can still ask questions as we go and really get to grips with the techniques. On my online hypnobirthing course you will learn how to remain calm and relaxed, using self hypnosis and breathing techniques. Plus you will learn your birth options in this ever changing situation, and how to still have a positive birth. The course is run either as a group, or you can choose a private class which will be one to one.

What does the online hypnobirthing course cover?

The online hypnobirthing course is approximately ten hours long. If you choose a one to one class you can take the ten hours over two or four sessions. Group classes are spread over two Saturday’s, and group size is kept to a maximum of five couples.

session one, morning – what is hypnobirthing, the cycle of fear, pain and tension and how to break it, the power of words on our subconscious mind, the muscles of the uterus and how they work.

session one, afternoon – the different stages of labour and the breathing techniques used for each stage, ways to relax in labour, good pelvic floor health, perineum massage, how to prevent tearing in labour, different birth positions.

session two, morning – reasons for being induced, different types of inductions, how to start labour naturally, how a birth partner can support you in labour, how to use hypnobirthing for a cesarean birth.

session two, afternoon – how to choose where to give birth, how to prepare for birth and what will happen on the day, the benefits and risks of a water birth, your pain relief options, birthing the placenta, the golden hour after birth.

How does an online class work on zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing app that is free for you to use, and is very user friendly. I will set up the meeting and invite you to it. You will be able to see and talk to me and your classmates.

The course will still include the same information from me, with the same demos and relaxation practices. You will be able to ask questions as we go and I hope still participate as much as possible to make the session informative but fun. I will also screen share images and videos with you so that you can clearly see what I am talking about.

What else is included in the online hypnobirthing course?

You will still get unlimited help, guidance and support throughout your pregnancy. You can message or call me if you’re having a wobble and need reminding about some of the techniques, or if you need help with anything else.

You will also receive three relaxation MP3s, class notes, a birth plan template and printable birth affirmations.

In addition I will be arranging a face to face get together, in the style of a coffee morning, once this virus issue is over. The coffee morning will be for anyone who has taken one of my classes or who is in my FREE facebook group for expectant Mums. This is so that you can all still meet each other, and hopefully make some friends for you and your little one.

How do you book and online hypnobirthing class?

You can book a group hypnobirthing course using the links below. The group class is normally £230 per couple. I have reduced this to £190 to reflect my reduction in expenses as I will not be hiring a venue for the two days. (Please note bookings made for later in the year may revert back to in person, and full price, if social restrictions are removed.)

You can book a private hypnobirthing course with me by contacting me directly here. Private sessions are fully flexible on dates and times, and cost £350 per couple.