During pregnancy it’s really important to research positive birth stories. This is because the more you learn that birth can be positive, the more you will believe it. (I have plenty to read over on my blog.) It’s also a good idea to watch some positive birth videos, because seeing really is believing. The videos below are the ones that I show on my hypnobirthing course. They have been carefully selected due to their positivity but also variety. Birth can happen in lots of different ways, so it’s good to see hypnobirthing being used in lots of different situations.

Hypnobirth home birth video

This positive home birth video is a brilliant example of lots of hypnobirthing techniques. The couple are in no rush and trust the birthing process. They do things that are relaxing like going for a walk in nature, stroking and massaging techniques, aromatherapy and demonstrate some really good labour positions. For the birth they make sure they are in privacy with dimmed lights, hypnobirthing affirmations are playing and the midwife is very hands off.

Positive birth video at hospital

This positive birth video shows you don’t have to be in a birthing pool at home for a calm, natural labour. The couple are on a bed, but not laying down flat, so really using movement and gravity to ease the baby down. Their music choice is unusual, but proves everyone’s style of hypnobirthing is different!

Using hypnobirthing during an induction

Sometimes birth just doesn’t go to plan. If this happens your hypnobirthing techniques can be even more important. This couple utilise all of the good decision making skills learnt so that they are in control of as much as possible to achieve their positive birth. They also use relaxation techniques to boost oxytocin to work with the induction.

Hypnobirthing for a caesarean 

If you are having a ceasarean birth you can still use your hypnobirthing techniques. Preparing for an operation can be very daunting, so the relaxation techniques can be used to keep you calm. In this positive birth video we can see the birth partner using stroking techniques, and after the birth the Mum is allowed immediate skin to skin.

Preparing for a positive birth

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for a positive birth using hypnobirthing, you can get in touch with me here. I offer private sessions in person at your home or via skype at a time to suit you.

I also run group hypnobirthing classes in Dartford. The classes are run over two consecutive Saturdays, and are a great way to prepare for birth whilst meeting other parents to be. To find out class dates and book a group hypnobirthing class, use the link below.

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