Pregnancy relaxation class

pregnancy relaxation class dartford

Feeling a bit like it’s hard to fit everything in as your pregnancy progresses? There’s so much to do! Buy ALL the things, get the house ready, pick out a buggy, learn how to look after a baby, wrap up things at work without looking like you’re ready to walk out the door and never look back, spend time with your partner, friends before your life changes FOREVER! Then there’s the small job of working out how to give birth to your baby. All whilst feeling tired and hormonal.

Do you really want to add something else to that list of things to do? My pregnancy relaxation class isn’t something ‘to do’. It’s time and space to unwind, connect with your growing bump and let those anxieties out. It’s giving yourself the gift of enjoying these weeks and months, without life getting in the way.

What does the pregnancy relaxation class cover?

Each week we will go over breathing techniques used for labour and birth (these work best if you practice, which is why they’re included in every week), a weekly topic of discussion as well as a guided relaxation exercise. The weekly discussion topics are designed to help you feel informed about birth, and to remove the fear of the unknown. We will discuss positions for birth, the pros and cons of having a vaginal sweep, inductions for labour, how to write a birth plan and much more. Each week will finish with a general chit chat, so that you can get to know other people in the class, and make some mum friends.

Run by a qualified Hypnobirthing instructor, the pregnancy relaxation class is great as a stand alone class, but also compliments hypnobirthing or pregnancy yoga classes.

The details

  • The class is held weekly in Dartford, 7-8pm on a Monday.
  • The class is £60 for 6 classes, £35 for 3 classes or £12 for a drop in session.

To book a block or one off pregnancy relaxation class, use the contact form here.