Harmony Hypnobirthing Positive Birth Affirmation Cards


  • 20 positive birth affirmation cards
  • A6 / postcard size


Harmony Hypnobirthing Positive Birth Affirmation Cards

A set of 20 cards of beautiful positive birth affirmation cards. Use these cards as a daily reminder of the positive birth you are working towards. Birth affirmations are a wonderful way to change your mindset about birth and pregnancy. Use them to create a vision board, have your birth partner put one up a day for you to find or attach them to string for bunting.

Each birth affirmation card is printed on high quality white card. They are A6 / postcard size so that you can put them up and still clearly see them, unlike other birth affirmation cards which are usually business card size.

Price includes second class postage to UK only.


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