The birth of Elliot

Carly and Sam booked an online hypnobirthing course with me. They went on to have a fast, natural birth at 41+ weeks in a birth centre.

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The birth of Henry – a positive induction using hypnobirthing

Jade and Andrew had been told by their midwife that they needed an induction but that this process would be “horrendous’ and end in a c-section.

Using their hypnobirthing techniques, and with fantastic support from the birth attending midwives, they went on to have a wonderful and positive induction.

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What are the pros and cons of an epidural?

An epidural, for many, is often seen as the best thing that you can do for birth and labour! The closer you get to your due date, you might even have friends and family start saying to you ‘Just book the epidural, make your life easy!” But actually it’s not as clear cut as that.

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