Kamesha attended my group hypnobirthing course in Dartford, with her Mum acting as birth partner. Like many people, Kamesha came to me wanting to learn techniques to help her have a calm and natural labour. However, halfway through completing the course Kamesha had some pregnancy related problems which could potentially put her baby at risk. Luckily, a large part of my hypnobirthing course is how to prepare for the unexpected, meaning that Kamesha was still able to have a positive birth experience. Kamesha writes:

I came across the Harmony Hypnobirthing course run by Colleen after extensively researching for different techniques and relaxation methods I could implement during my childbirth experience. I hadn’t heard much about hypnobirthing before, so I was really intrigued. On booking Colleen’s course, I had it in my head I would have a natural labour, and all the techniques learned within the course would solely be to help support and strengthen me during a natural birth. Little did I know the fate of my childbirth story would quickly change, and the course would be aligned to help adapt to the change ahead.

When I started the hypnobirthing course we covered many important and fascinating concepts and techniques to use within birth. We also covered really important things to understand about the overall journey of childbirth to postpartum, including understanding your rights and using your ability to ask really important questions which I found incredibly important! Again, In my mind, I had it pictured that I would have a completely normal birth with no requirement to divert from my original birth plan. Towards the last session, we discussed the plan to explore the use of hypnobirthing techniques in other birthing settings, in the instance your birth plan may need to change. Although open to this of course, I still had it in my mind I would not have to divert from my original birth plan as I had planned and prepared for a natural birth so that’s what I would definitely be… isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately between the second and last session of the hypnobirthing course, the doctors began to find that our baby was growing at a slower rate than usual and put this down to potential issues with the placenta. This meant that our vision of a ‘natural birth’ was quickly changing. This actually made the last session the most valuable to me, as we went over utilising the techniques and information previously learned in any given birth scenario. The second day of the course went over how to use hypnobirthing techniques for a positive caesarean or induction, as well as tools to help decide what type of birth is best in different situations.

 I quickly learned on the course that pregnancy can change in any given moment, and you never know how things will truly turn out. I finished the hypnobirthing course on 24th April, and took away the amazing techniques learned during the course away to practice (I.e, affirmations, breathing, massages, etc). I had even attended a prenatal yoga class with Colleen (which was absolutely amazing!!) still with the hope of delivering naturally but now with an open mind to change if required. I gave birth to my baby girl on the 5th May via emergency c-section – baby was four weeks early. My choice to be induced and try for a natural labour was advised against due to the worsening conditions of my dopplers and as a result, the reduction of fluid to the baby which made it a potentially harmful situation for both mum and baby. My partner and I stayed calm and asked all the right questions, and we eventually decided to proceed with a gentle and positive caesarean. Although my experience differed from my ‘ideal’ experience of a vaginal birth, it was still absolutely beautiful. The doctors and anaesthetist kept commenting on how calm and relaxed I remained through the entire experience. I still had all my comforters, my favourite music, I used my breathing techniques, repeated affirmations, and used meditation to bring myself away from any discomfort and centre into a place of calm. We even managed to play happy birthday to the baby as she was finally arrived which was lovely! I was able to make it a relaxed and controlled birthing experience even still using all the techniques learned during the hypnobirthing class. Attending the hypnobirthing course made all the difference to my overall experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend. If you can attend this course before the birth of your baby – I encourage you to do so!

Thank you Colleen!!

If you’d like to prepare for your baby using hypnobirthing, you can find out more about my courses here. If you would like to find out more about pregnancy yoga classes in Dartford, you can click here. To find out more about mum and baby yoga classes in Dartford click here.

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